V​.​A. - No order in destiny

by Kashual Plastik

  • No order in destiny

    Kashual Plastik 007 is more than just a double agent, it's a costume changing fifth columnist, destroying and reassessing how we could or should release music in this spoon-fed era.

    Established scholars Georgia, alongside freshers NAR, Paul Arambula and KC, mix drinks with F_ingers (a combo of Carla dal Forno, Tarquin Manek & Samuel Karmel (CS + Creme); A.K. Klosowski, the 80´s experimental tape artist from Hamburg, rubs shoulder pads with Brannten Schnüre fresh from their blinding album via Low Company; Nadine Byrne from Swedish noisesters Ectoplasm Girls; Andre Uhl, musician and futurologist - there's plenty of seats on top. The busload of creators on this anthology weave a psychedelic, dream-like state, with drones, opiated melodies and stellar visions. A pox on your coffee-table music, this wooden beast is both table and feast.

    "The idea behind the compilation was, to select artists and music they sounds pretty organic in a way to me and tried to give them a most possible organic packaging."

    The records come in a wood veneer cover, hand screen printed on the front and back - does this signal the end of the "dinged" corner

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Record A/B

Brannten Schnüre - Der kuckuck sprach das kann ich auch

Keller Crackers - Anem

NAR - Tyreen

Brannten Schnüre - Immerzu ein fiepen

Georgia - Church

Nadine Byrne - Memory is a wave

Record C/D

Steve Pepe - Interlude

A.K. Klosowski - Wake up wake up

F inngers - Orgy in the country homestead with friends and bondage

Andre Uhl - Talking head

Milan W. - Astra

Lamusa II - Vipera Aspis

Paul Arambula - Boom bound paralysis


released March 21, 2019


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